Neriko, Japanese kneaded Incense

topic posted Thu, October 27, 2011 - 10:04 PM by  Pri. Etient
I had Originally thought this form of Incense contained Plum or prune like a Kyphi has raisins but I was mistaken and the plum reference must be a poetic description on the scent rather than the ingredients it contains. This includes an older recipe and a newer updated recipe.

Ancient/Older Recipe of Neriko

Aloeswood 4 ryo
Cloves 2 ryo
Seashell 2 bu
Spikenard 2 shu
Musk 3 shu

amount equivalents are:
1 Ryo = 15 grams
1 Bu = .4 grams
1 Shu = .14 grams

Aged for 1-5 years, under a home in an earthenware container

Modern updated Version of Neriko

Aloeswood Powder
Sandalwood Powder
Benzoin Powder
Charcoal Powder
Tupelo Honey
Clove Cassia

6 month maturation, similarly in an earthenware container under the home or somewhere suitable

I am unsure of the amounts in this recipe but seeing the original ancient recipe, it would appear mainly Aloeswood/Agarwood and from th color of Neriko it would have a considerable amount of Charcoal powder. Lastly I've also heard Labdanum is used in Neriko but have yet to find a recipe that contains it in the formula.

Seems very exciting to make one's own Neriko, not sure where to get Tupelo Honey or how many times to Knead the incense but I'm sure it would smell divine.
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    Mon, October 31, 2011 - 12:25 AM
    I would say that if there is a recipe for a Japanese Incense using Labdanum, it would be fairly modern, as Labdanum comes from the mediterranean area. I would think it might help to replace the musk, as it is noted as a fixative for fragrance, so the resin would probably take that role.

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